Mr. Lorien Whyte (and his company ‘Cutting Hedge’) was recommended to me by my tree surgeon when my small London garden needed a major refurbishment following the removal of a very large cherry tree by the tree surgeon.  He commented that Lorien Whyte would do a ‘quality job’ which I assumed meant good but expensive!

Lorien Whyte came to look at the garden and discussed with me a possible plan for it.  I told him my budget and he came back with an estimate which matched it.  I obtained several other estimates and found Lorien’s estimate to be comparable to the others, certainly not as expensive as I feared.  I was particulary grateful that Lorien’s estimate, and subsequent invoices, always included VAT so I knew exactly where I was financially.

It then took me several months to mull things over, make the decision to use his company and get back to him.  He showed very kind understanding at my slow decision making (!) and quickly came back to my property to go over things before I made a final decision.

The reason I chose him was that I felt he was really interested in and enthusiastic about my little garden and he presented a very professional approach.  He answered my questions and my fears very patiently.  I could see from his explanation of things that he would do a very good job.  He allayed my fears about several matters, eg how waste/rubbish would be disposed of and I was confident that for me the experience of having my garden completely re-done would be as stress-free as possible.

This proved to be the case.  He and his colleagues were ‘on site’ for 7-8 days.  He kept me informed of everything that was happening and I enjoyed coming home from work each day to see the gradual progress and transformation of my small garden.  He and his co-workers were very polite and keen to cause as little disruption to me as possible.  They respected my property as obviously they needed some access to my home and were always courteous and caring of it.

There was a small problem of the new shed not being delivered before the completion of the garden, but he has again kept me informed and looked after this situation very professionally and well.  I have very confidence that should I encounter any problems with my new garden in the future, he would sort out any problems that he/his company were responsible for.  However I do not anticipate any such problems.

He and his colleagues also went the extra mile by sorting out my remaining flower beds, trimming some shrubs and improving the appearance of these beds. He has also advised me concerning plants although this was not part of the original plan.

So my experience of using ‘Cutting Hedge’ has been extremely positive and I will be looking to recommend this company to others whenever I can.

Carys Woodbridge

We are delighted with the garden Lorien (Cutting Hedge) designed for us.
He took exceptional care to make sure his design was exactly what we envisioned.
His attention to detail is impressive and he and his team were a pleasure to have around.

Charles & Caroline, Muswell Hill

I am always delighted to work with Lorien. He is a safe pair of hands and can be relied on to do an excellent job with unfailing attention to detail whether it be the appropriate foundations for a wall or the finish on the grouting of some paving. He delivers quality work on time and on budget.

Liz Friedrich, Garden designer

Lorien and team turned our tiny overgrown backyard into a small, but lovely garden. Lorien made great suggestions at the design stage, thinking through how to achieve what we wanted and contributing good ideas. The work was executed quickly and to a high standard with excellent attention to detail. The team were all highly professional and very nice. I would highly recommend Cutting Hedge to anyone.

Alice, London